Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't Eat the Raisin Bread

Okay, so my Mama makes homemade bread and sells for a little extra money. There's a couple of places in town and a place in Trade, yes there's is actually a place here called Trade. She's done it for years and gives all the money she makes to missions at her church.

So every Thursday, Dad and I make a run to Trade, hey don't make fun of the name especially all you people from Blue Ball. We pick up the money from whatever they've sold for her that week, and switch out the old with fresh baked.

Yesterday, there were four older loaves we brought home and set on the kitchen counter, two sourdough and two raisin. As usual Mom tells me to take the old loaves and just toss in the creek for the fish. It makes the fish fat and happy, and ticks off the fishermen who "trespass on our prop'ty".

So after supper Mom tells me to take the bread and feed the fish, which I went right ahead and did. I lobbed the four loaves off the bank and into the creek and stood a while watching them float off.

So, just a few minutes a go, I decide to stretch my legs and walk along the creek. I get about oh, fifty, sixty feet away from where I usually lob the old bread and I notice that three of the loaves from last night have gotten caught on branches or whatever. I figure the fourth has either been eaten up, sunk or is on its way in various sloppy pieces to whatever tributary Forge Creek meets up with.

I get a few more feet, where on the other side of the creek you can see a little path the critters have made into the mountain brush. I can't help but notice that a deer has nabbed one of Mama's loaves of bread and gobbled half of it up.

I know without a doubt that it was a deer eating Mama's old bread simply because the critter has DROPPED DEAD, uneaten half still in it's mouth!

So, do I tell Mama, or do I just drag the carcass out of sight and keep my mouth shut?