Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Garage Sale Life

It's still up and down. Difficulties swirl one minute, the next I am content.

I feel like my head is one of those toys that were popular when I was a kid. The one you put a piece of paper on, flipped a switch and then squirt color all over. It whirled around and made this odd, fascinating mix of whatever colors were chosen, all swirls and curly ques slung over the paper.

It always looked so pretty, but when it dried it was rough to the touch and the paint flecked off. The machine itself became an unusable mess very quickly.

I kind of feel like that machine these days. Something that brought so much excitement, you couldn't wait to get home. Once it was used a couple of times,it became a disappointment to be tossed in a closet and forgotten.

Well, if I'm lucky. I'll wind up in a garage sale and someone will buy me for a quarter. Hopefully this time be a little more enthused by the designs of color I am allowed to create.