Thursday, November 18, 2010


It was a grand mish mash day. A little of this, a little of that and nothing done, nothing changed. My place is space wasn't moved.

Jackson doesn't seem to realize what a big dog he is. He is, after all, still a puppy. We are attempting to train him. Having been around another little dog before he came home to us last week, he keeps zipping across the creek into a neighbor's yard.

They have one of those little foofey things and Jackson beelines right over to him whenever he gets a chance. The neighbors don't want him there, so whenever he violates his perimeters we chain him up. Needless to say, he is currently spending a lot of time chained.

It breaks my heart, but it has to be done. Thank heavens, I never had children. Discipline and potty training would have sent me over the edge.

He doesn't bark much. At least not until the neighbors who live behind us walk their pig. Jackson freaks out whenever he sees Roscoe.

Roscoe can take or leave Jackson, but whenever he sees me, he comes oinking. Talk about not knowing your size. Roscoe jumps up on me like a puppy. He weighs, well he's a pig. I always end up on my behind and whoever's walking the unkosher, uncouth animal has to haul him off me.

My only problem with Jackson is he likes to sit in my lap. He's a border collie, shepherd mix. He is well past the sitting comfortably in my lap stage. I've been sitting on the steps the past couple of days and pushing his bottom half to the step. He doesn't seem to be catching on real quick.

I still feel he's awful lonely, but maybe I'm dealing with it better. It's nice to have that happy, waggy tail waiting for me first thing in the morning and when I come home from work.

Mom and Dad seem to be spending more time with him, too. Maybe it will all work out. Perhaps I should think about putting them on a chain when they extend their boundaries.

I may want to think about that one, though. What's good for the goose...

...the chicken dances on....