Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hulu has not been kind today. I hate it when it gets even more temperamental than usual. We have “The Dish” a.ka. “The Dump” and it is non-compatible with TiVo. So when I have time to watch tube I Hulu, when it’s in a good mood, which wasn’t today.

Mom and Dad spent almost the whole day in Boone, which was nice for me. I don’t often get a day of solitude. I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad for me, but I take what I can get.

I didn’t pull a “Risky Business” or anything. It was just kind of nice to roam around the house and the yard knowing that I wasn’t going to get interrupted every few minutes. My parents mean well, but they aren’t real good at understanding the term “privacy”. I do my best not to violate theirs, but then I’m not sure they even understand the term. Maybe I don’t either.

Jackson and I took several long walks today. I have to admit; I am trying very hard not to get too attached to him. Even though a puppy, he’s a big dog, a border collie/shepherd mix. My parents just can’t handle him, so I fear that they will return him soon.

As much as it will break my heart, I think that’s probably best for him. He’s used to being around two children and another dog. Suddenly finding himself living with two old people, and another not that far behind, has got to be miserable for him.

I’ve told them if they are going to do it, to do it quickly. They seemed to be hesitating. I think because they think he makes me happy. He does, but I don’t want the lovely, lively creature to be miserable either. So whatever is best for Jackson, will make me happy. Apparently there was another family that wanted him, if they have kids I think it would make Jackson happy.

I also sang a little today. It seems like such a silly thing, but I got a couple of my old tracks out and warbled a little in the car. It made me feel good.

And I spent a few hours reading. For some reason all my life whenever my mother found me reading she always told me to stop wasting my time. “Go do something constructive like watch T.V.” So I don’t get the chance to do it unless they aren’t around.

My favorite way to read is to sit down with some hot tea and read a book from start to finish. That’s a rare treat. Today I got about halfway through Fannie Flagg’s new novel “I Still Dream of You”. I love her style and wit.

You probably read “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café” or saw the movie. That’s her most famous, and I think one of the worst. Oh, I adore it, but all of her other stuff is sooooo much better. I usually give copies of her “A Redbird Christmas” or Lee Smith’s “The Christmas Letters” as gifts. Two great suggestions for those of you looking for moving, funny family holiday reads.

Other than that it was a simple Tuesday. I like it when the days are just days. They don’t all have to be special. They just have to be lived. Today was one of those days.